We serve small dishes to share with all kind of flavours from around the mediterranean sea

cold dishes
libanese and turkish bread with a spicy yoghurt dip and an hummus 6
duck confit served on a salad of red radicchio and water cress with beluga lentils, fresh dates, radish sprouts, curd and citrus dressing 7,5
spicy steak tartare with figs with marinated white cheese, radicchio, rocket salad, za'atar, croutons and a hirissa beet sauce 7,5
baby gem lettuce with fried smelt, red meat radish, cucumber, red union, coriander and a lime dressing of garlic and yoghurt 7,5
salmon marinated with taboulez, pomegrante, coriander, cranberry, dried hibiscus and coriander 8,5
3 types of beet salad
with roaasted red union, kumquat, feta, passion fruit, mint and agave honey dressing 7,5
orange salad with fennel, land cress, black olives, sour berries and an argan oil dressing 7,5
bell pepper stuffed with pearl barley, pickled lemon, green herbs, feta served with a sour sauce of piment d'espalette and radish sprouts 7

roasted cauliflower soup with caraway seeds and almonds, harissa and crackers of libanes bread 6
spicy red lentil soup
with lemon, olive oil, chili pepper flakes and ciriander served with bread 6

warm dishes 
grilled marinated prawn skewers with an orange saffron dip 8,5
fried chiperones 
with chorizo and white beans charmoula 7,5
simmered squid
with saffron, dutch carrot green chili and almonds 7,5
beef tajine with cinnamon
, dried prunes, star anise, honey and sesame seeds served with sour cream and coriander 8,5
chicken tajine with pomegranate, chickpeas and walnut 7,5
beef skewer (2pcs) marinated in sesame and honey served with a mint-yogurt sauce with garlic and cucumber 8
grilled merquez poultry sausages with a fresh sour red cabbage salad, fennel and harissa, served with ajvar 7,5
mushroom tajine
with kohlrabi and celeriac, with pistachio nuts and brown bulgur 7,5
pumpkin pies
(2pc) with feta, marjoram cashew nuts and honey 8
smoked haloumi with pumpkin
grilled in cinnamon and ahorn sirup, puffed red beet, hazelnuts and a fig and argan oil sauce 7,5
(2pc), thousand layer pastry stuffed with nuts, dates, harissa and honey 7
with yoghurt dip tahin of tahini and ras el hanout 6,5
or spicy potato wedges with oregano 2,5

mixed mezze large plate of a variety of dishes of our menu to share. order per 2 persons. 28,5 pp

choose for fish, meat or veggie and we'll add couscous, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, veggies, a small surprise and an ice cream dessert 8

cheesplate with four types of cheese, fig loaf, grapes and a rose petal-compote 9
abricot pie with a base of almond, dates and hibiscus syrup and a vanilla and pomegranate granita 7
banana-coconutblossomcaramel pie with star anise, cinnemon and with yoghurt icecream with walnuts and honey 7
pecan pie with dadestrips, honey and caramel ice cream 7,5
sweet delight a selection of mediterranean sweets 6
dessert wine
domaine de guillaman, cotes de gascogne 4,5

BADHU uses sustainable meats and line caught fish